We are a team of Enactus ONEU and we do student social entrepreneurship!

ENACTUS is an international organization with over 70,000 students from around the world. ENACTUS teams create and develop social and economic projects to help people change their lives for the better.

Thanks to our activities, you can get a lot of useful skills, and even more! That’s just a small part of them:

  • attendance at special educational training sessions and events;
  • gaining entrepreneurial skills and teamwork experience;
  • the possibility of employment in international companies;
  • new acquaintances and a charge of energy and positive

On a regular basis, our team holds meetings where we discuss current issues, share ideas and develop new projects. And, of course, meetings when we just relax, socialize with each other and have fun so that we can take up new challenges.

In addition to employment with business projects, every year National competitions are held, where teams from different cities of Ukraine demonstrate their achievements, and the winner gets the right to represent the country at the ENACTUS World Competition. 

This is an opportunity not only to visit new places, but also an invaluable experience of communication with other teams from different cities and countries around the world, as well as the opportunity to hear the opinion of the professional jury of the competition, which will point out the mistakes and help advice.

More information about the National competitions can be found at: http://enactus.org.ua/ 

Do you want to develop in the field of entrepreneurship, but do not know where to gain experience?

Your thoughts are always filled with stunning ideas that you want to realize, but don’t know where and how? 

Then welcome to ENACTUS ONEU! 

Our doors are always open to everyone who wants to develop and move forward with us!

Already want to know what awaits you next? Contact us on Instagram, Facebook or directly on Telegram and become a part of the team!

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If you have any questions text the captain – https://t.me/iraivanenko (095-160-31-77).

On August 20, 2020, the National Competition Enactus Ukraine took place. Despite the quarantine and all the difficulties, the Enactus ONEU team worked on socially oriented projects and presented the results at the National Competitions.
We congratulate the Enactus ONEU team on taking the 2nd place at National Competition and wish them new ideas, real and significant results, unity and solidarity for new victories.