Part-time Education Center

Nikolai Grigorevich
Head of the Center
Ph.D., associate professor

Part-time education is a form of education that has both a stationary unit and modules, aimed at self-studying. The schedule is focused on late afternoons and evenings. Theoretical knowledge is compressed by blocks, the majority of practical classes are reoriented to independent studying. This is a comfortable format for combining work and mastering new competencies.

August 13, 1993 part-time education faculty was created.

Today about 1000 students study at the part-time education faculty.

The curricula provides a deep studying of the humanities, general economic and special disciplines, using economic and mathematical methods, computer technology and information and communication technologies. Students of the faculty are actively involved in the research departments of the university.

High scientific and methodological potential, creative and fruitful connection with production, responsible attitude to the subjects from teachers and students – all this is a guarantee that the part-time education faculty of the Odessa National University of Economics will continue to work and to develop productively, to make a worthy contribution to the training of specialists for various sectors of the economy.

The pride of the faculty is its graduates. Many of them today work in positions of responsibility in various sectors of the economy. Among them are the heads of financial departments, departments of the system of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, state tax administrations and the state treasury, auditors, inspectors and economists of audit departments of financial bodies, top managers, brand managers, marketers, managers, legal consultants, financial analysts, researchers and other economy specialists.

8, Preobrazhenskaya str., office 319
723-84-92 , 723-80-73

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