1. In August 2015 Legal Representative Prof. Dr. Michael Zveryakov (Rector ONEU) and Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes (Academic Coordinator) of the Project: 564705-EPP-1-2015 Seminar Economics of the European Union (EU) and EU-Ukraine relations received the news that their application in the framework of Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Module received a grant for 3 years.

In Ukraine 5 projects received a EU grant.

2. Implementation of the Seminar started in September 2015.

Posters at 3 Universities (Odessa National Economic University (ONEU), Odessa National University (ONU) and Odessa National Polytecnical University (ONPU)) announced the Seminar.

3. At the opening Ceremony of the Seminar on 10th September TV cover was given by 3 channels Rector, Vice-Rector and Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes gave interwies to «VESTI Odessa» «Odessa Media» «7th channel»

Opening session: address of ONEU Rector
  1. Michael Zveryakov -- Rector ONEU
  2. Alvaro Fernandes – Academic Coordinator
  3. George Shubartovsky – Vice-Rector ONEU, Logistics
  4. Viktor Shobik -- Vice-Rector ONPU
  5. Yuriy Nikolayev – Ph. D., ONU
  6. Sergey Jakubovsky – Head of Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations
Interview for «7th channel» of Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes
Address of Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes in the opening session
Video «Odessa Media» of the opening session