Department of Management of Organizations

Department of Management of Organizations of ONEU provides training for initiative and able to quickly adapt to the business environment of managers who have fundamental knowledge and practical skills in managing the organization.


Our values:

  • students whom we help to unleash their potential and get the required specialty in the future;
  • interactive approach to learning through trainings, business games, computer modeling;
  • communication with the business community through communication with business leaders, top managers of well-known companies, successful graduates of the specialty 073 “Management”.

Our goal:  training of qualified specialists-leaders competitive in the labor market.


  • MANAGER, who is endowed with power and manages a large team of employees;
  • LEADER who is able to lead his subordinates, using his charisma, authority, high professionalism, positive emotions;
  • STRATEGIST, which forms the goals, objectives of the organization and methods of achieving them;
  • INNOVATOR who can find non-standard solutions, evaluate and quickly implement in production a particular invention or innovation proposal;
  • PRACTITIONER who can use his knowledge;
  • MENTOR who can unite the team and guide its development, to form the organizational culture of the organization;
  • COMMUNICATOR who has certain abilities to establish contacts with partners and authorities and successfully overcomes internal and external conflicts.







  1. Council of the Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business Education
  2. LLC “Telecard-prybor”
  3. Handling company “SkyService”
  4. PJSC “Odessa Cable Plant” Odeskabel “
  5. LLC “MA” Ocean Star “
  6. LLC “Civilproekt”
  7. LLC “Green City M”
  8. Lviv Polytechnic National University
  9. Kharkiv National University of Economics named by S. Kuznets
  10. University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria)
  11. Caspian University (Kazakhstan)
  12. University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida (Germany)
  13. Academy of Economic Education of Moldova (Moldova)

The Department of Management of Organizations trains students / graduate students with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in specialty 073 “Management”, field of knowledge 07 “Management and Administration”.

Educational programs, the implementation of which is provided by the department:

– EPP “Management of organizations” (Bachelor);

– EPP “Management of Organizations” (Master);

– ESP “Management” (PhD Doctor of Philosophy).

Interactive teaching methods are widely used for teaching professionally-oriented disciplines, namely: business and role-playing games, case method, work in small groups, game design, situational tasks according to real enterprises, interdisciplinary trainings.

Foreign teachers are actively invited to teach professionally-oriented disciplines.

Students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge, develop and consolidate practical skills at leading enterprises in Odessa and Odessa region. Among the bases of practice, the main ones are “Odeskabel”, “Odessa plant of radial drilling machines”, “Odesagas”, “Odeskiy karavay”, “Cement” and so on. The branch of the department is «Telekart-Prilad» LLC.

A wide range of disciplines taught by the teaching staff of the department, quite fully represents the current areas of management and provides an opportunity for all graduates to obtain a thorough systematic knowledge that allows:

– to analyze the competitive environment of the enterprise and develop optimal strategies and plans for its development in order to ensure stable development and stable market positions;

– to carry out effective formation and use of personnel on the basis of forecast selection, placement, and also professional and qualification growth of personnel;

– to create and reform management structures in organizations of different types, to be a good psychologist who is able to create a favorable socio-psychological climate and a unique organizational culture;

– to develop and use effective systems of motivation which will promote the maximum realization of potential by employees of the enterprise, etc.


  • head of enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • head of administrative, economic, financial, accounting and legal departments;
  • head of the department of foreign economic activity;
  • heads of personnel management and labor relations departments;
  • heads of marketing departments;
  • business managers;
  • project and program managers;
  • heads of hotel enterprises and restaurants;
  • information managers;
  • quality system managers;
  • office managers;
  • heads of central government administration.

One of the priority areas for the development of international cooperation of the DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS is the training of students in double degree programs and academic mobility.

Odessa National University of Economics provides students with bachelor‘s and master‘s degrees in specialty 073 Management with the opportunity to study at foreign partner universities.

The academic mobility program works with:

– University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida (Germany)

– Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia).


Starting from the 2nd year, students- managers have the opportunity to study on the “Erasmus +” program at the following partner universities:

  1. University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida (Germany)
  2. State University of Nis (Poland)
  3. Domrowa Górnicza University (Poland)
  4. University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria)
  5. Academy of Economics DA Tsenov – Svishtov (Bulgaria)

After studying at a foreign university on the basis of signed agreements (Interinstitutional cooperation agreement, learning agreement) in ONEU students are automatically recognized the results of study abroad. The procedure for recognition of learning outcomes obtained in other HEIs is regulated by the Regulations on the organization of the educational process in ONEU (Chapter 8 “Enrollment, re-education, transfer from other HEIs, deductions and renewals from higher education seekers” and Chapter 12 “Academic mobility (

Based on the results of studying abroad, a student must provide ONEU with an academic certificate of grades from the host institution.

The rules of study within the framework of academic mobility programs in HEI-partners abroad are posted on the official website of ONEU at the link:

The name of the HEI-partner and the terms of study are recorded in the appendix to the European diploma (paragraph 6.1).


The Department of Management of organizations of ONEU participates in the Erasmus + project “Integrating dual higher education in Moldova and Ukraine 617490-EPP-1-2020-1-MD-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP” (“Integration of dual higher education in Moldova and Ukraine”).

Project implementation period 15.01.2021-14.01.2024.



  1. The number of agreements on cooperation with foreign organizations, the coordinators of which are the RTS of the department

– An interdepartmental agreement was signed with the University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria), Department of Management and Administration.

– A cooperation agreement was signed with the Academy of Economic Education of Moldova (Moldova).

    1. The number of RTS departments that have participated in research, teaching, internships and other activities on international academic mobility lasting up to 1 month.

    – Candidate of Economic Sciences Alyona Piskun and Liliia Svorobovych took part in the international East-West project as part of a distance learning program in international entrepreneurship and received personalized certificates. As part of this program, they gained the experience of entrepreneurial activity of internationally recognized experts in the field of business risk management. The research internship took place from 4.11-30.12.2022 – 180 hours (6 credits).

    Artur Avanesyan (1st year postgraduate student) passed the selection procedure for an internship under the academic mobility program at NORD University (Norway). As part of this program, participants have the right to study the course “Academic Writing” (peculiarities of writing academic papers in accordance with world-class requirements) remotely. The internship period is February – June 2023. The training is divided into 7 blocks that form professional competencies in writing academic texts in accordance with the specialty «Management».

    – Candidate of Economic Sciences Anna Misko  participated in the Erasmus + program for teaching lectures on the subject “Management” at the University of Economics – Varna (Bulgaria) from 28.09-02.10.2020

    – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior lecturer Olha Balabash participated on-line in international development under the program (SI Universum), February 16, 2019, New York, USA.

    1. The number of hours of training and research activities conducted by the RTS of the department with participation of foreign experts.

    Arthur Avanesyan, a postgraduate student of the department, took part in the 7th International Student Conference remotely, which is confirmed by a certificate. The conference was held by the Moldovan Academy of Economics (Chisinau) on March 9-10, 2023 with a report on “Features of controlling the activities of enterprises during martial law“.

– Teachers of the department Inna Kuznetsova, Ruslan Volchek, Hanna Moskaliuk, Valentyna Horbatiuk within the framework of the grant “Funding program Ukraine digital: Secure academic success in times of crisis” with the participation of Odesa National Economic University and the University of Mittweid (Germany), they underwent a series of trainings (February-April 2023) and were able to use the teaching materials of the partner university to teach the following disciplines: “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Introduction to the Specialty”, “Ethics of Business Communication”, “History of Management”, “Management”, “Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research”, “Corporate Governance”.

– On May 21, 2021, the Department of Organization Management held an online seminar on “Corporate Social Responsibility” as part of the V International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Odesa National Economic University “Actual Problems of Management: Theoretical and Practical Aspects”.

The online seminar was attended by 60 students and teachers of Odesa National Economic University, Economic University – Varna (Varna, Bulgaria) and Smt. CHM College (affiliated with the University of Mumbai), Maharashtra, India. The students presented projects to address topical issues of responsible business development. The seminar was moderated by Anna Misko, Сandidate of Economic Sciences.

From Economic University – Varna (Varna, Bolgaria) spoke: Desislava Mihaylova and Salzitca Stephanova-Yaneva S.,  Viktoriya Mihailova-Atanasova, Juliyana Petkova Ivanova, Gabriela Georgieva, Nebie Bekir, Ivelina Stoyanova, Gergana Kerezova and Meilin Metinova під керівництвом Assoc. prof. Desislava Serafimova, PhD. Department of Management and Administration, University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria.

From Odessa National Tconomic University spoke: Le Thi Loi, Karina Khvorostovska, Ernest Khachaturyan, Evgen Sokhan, Katerina Shevchenko, Evgenia Shyrokova, Anastasia Zhosan, Marina Chepoi, Ksenia Korenovskaya, Polina Kolodistaya, Vladislava Tkachenko, Emma Karagezyan, Sergiy Klishanov, Valeria Kobylianska, Alina Steblyna, Victor Koval, Valeria Verkhovskaya, Alina Shapoval,Lilit Ahadzhanian, Anastasia Berezhnaa, Valerii Biziuk, Viktoria Gratiy, Danny Zaputryaev, Yana Muraviova, Daniila Novikova, Anastasiia Varava, Vitaliy Pavlov under the guidance of teachers of the department of Managemrnt of Organizations, candidate of economic sciences A. Misco Місько, О. Dancheva and Nataly Karpenco.

Від Smt. CHM College (affilied with the U,niversity of Mumbai) Maatharashtra, India, spoke: Ms Priyanka Mondal, Ms Nitika Lalpuria, Mr Bhavesh Shahani, Ms Nikita Bakale, Ms HanishaTalreja, under the guidance of Dr. Sunil Lalchandani, Head of the Department of Learning Management, Dr. Kesar Lalchandani, Head of the  Accounting Department, LDS College (Affiliated to University of Mumbai) Maharashtra, India.

– On June 7, 2021, an open lecture was held by the head of the Department of International Relations of the University of  Economics – Varna (Bulgaria) Eugene Raichev in the amount of 6.4 hours at the lecture of Ph.D., Art. teacher of the department of management of organizations Misko A.A. for students of FMAIT 13, 14, 15, 16 groups, specialty 073 “Management”.

– On September 7, 2021, an open lecture on the discipline “Management” was held within the academic mobility of the Vice-Rector of the Caspian University (Kazakhstan) PhD, winner of the First President’s Award – Leader of Nations for achievements in science and technology Kirichok Oksana Valentinovna on “Sales Management : case of Caspian University ».

 4. The number of current research and educational projects and programs that have received international grants, co-executor of which is the RTS of the department.

The department is working on an existing grant under the Erasmus + program on the topic “Integration of dual higher education in Moldova and Ukraine.”


5. The number of students who participated in international academic mobility programs, including aimed at training, internships or internships in the field of training for foreign organizations and enterprises (lasting at least 1 month)

– 4th year student majoring in 073 “Management” Pukhlyk M.O. – studies in 2021 at the University of Vienna;

– Students majoring in 073 “Management” underwent an internship at the Branch of the International University, Florence, Italy (April 12 – May 3, 2019).


6. Number of disciplines of the department taught in English

Teaching practical classes in the discipline “Management” Candidate of economic sciences., senior lecturer Misko A.A. for students from FIE 13 group of the first year of study in English.

7. The number of classroom hours of classes taught by the RTS of the department in English

Teaching practical classes in the discipline “Management” Candidate of economic sciences., senior lecturer Misko A.A. for students from FIE 13 group of the first year of study in English – 34 hours.

8. Number of double degree programs (prepared or valid) in conjunction with foreign partner universities

The double degree program operates with the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (Germany).



9. Number of teachers, graduate students who speak the language of the EU (level B1-B2).

Kuznetsov A.M, Balabash O.S, Misko А.A have certificates of English language proficiency at the level B2.


St. Gogolya, 18, room 101