Administration of ONEU


Prof. Zveryakov Mikhail Ivanovich –

Rector of ONEU –

Doctor of economy science,

Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine.



Born in 1952. Graduated from the Odessa Institute of National Economy in 1975 (since 1993 – University). In 1980 he defended his PhD thesis, worked as an assistant, teacher, professor associate at the institute. From 1988 to 1992 – vice-rector for international relations and academic work with foreign Students. During these years M.I. Zvieryakov successfully combined educational and pedagogical work with science. From 1992 to 1995 he was a doctoral fellow at the Institute. During his doctoral fellowship and in the period of his pedagogical activity, he deliberately engaged in research studies, prepared, and published 48 scientific and methodological papers. From 1994 to 1996 he performed scientific work at the Humboldt Foundation at the University of Cologne, Germany. In 1996 he defended doctoral theses.. Since 2000 he was elected as rector of the University, in the same year he had been appointed academician of the department of general economic theory. Zvieriakov M.I. – Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Economic Cybernetics of Ukraine, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Higher Education of the Odessa Region. The main scientific directions are connected with the questions: methodology and theory of economic system development in the conditions of market transformation; research into the development of the institutional structure in transition economies. Over the years of scientific activity he published more than 75 works.

  • Represents the university in all government bodies, institutions and public organizations.
  • Controls the implementation of educational and research programs.
  • Supervises the work of the Academic Council of the University, the research department, the Admission Committee, the Human Resources Department, the Department of Labor Protection, the Civil Defense Staff, the Office, the Legal Department, the Department of Education and other structural subdivisions of the university subordination.
  • Supervises the training of specialists, enrollment, deduction and reinstatement of students, postgraduates, interns, doctoral fellows.Hires and dismisses employees.
  • Carries out the control over the quality of the work of teachers, the organization of educational and cultural activities, the physical education and health, organizes the household services of students.
  • Encourages university staff and imposes sanctions on them.
  • Controls financial and economic activity, material and technical support, preservation of material values ​​that are on the balance of the university.
  • Carries out management of foreign relations and all forms of foreign economic activities of the University.
  • Issues orders to regulate activities of the University.


Prof. Kublіkova Tetyana Borysivna,

PhD in economics.

Vice-rector on scientific and

pedagogical work, 



Born in 1954. In 1976 she graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute. After graduation from the Institute, she worked as a computer programmer at the Center for Industrial Engineering “Stroy Hydraulics”. Since 1982 she had worked in ONEU as a junior researcher, senior lecturer, associate professor. In 1988 she defended thesis. From 2002 to 2007 ̶ the Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Studies, since 2007 ̶ vice-rector of science and pedagogy. The author of about 50 scientific papers, manuals, textbooks. Main scientific direction ̶ Institutional transformations related to import of investments, the influence of TNCs on the development of transitive economies.


    1. Scientific and pedagogical management of the development and correction of working curricula, schedules of the educational process, work programs of disciplines, control over their implementation and guidance of the teaching and methodological department of the university.


    1. Organization of teaching staff and auxiliary staff.


    1. Organization and control of educational work of all departments.
    2. Scientific and pedagogical management of the University and methodological support of independent work of students, analysis of current students’ progress, the results of exam sessions, development of proposals aimed at improving the organization of the educational process and the quality of professional training.




  1. Scientific and pedagogical management of the planning and organization of the educational process of the full-time form training, monitoring the observance of the schedule of classes and examinations, monitoring the quality of conducting classes.


  1. Scientific and pedagogical management of the work of all departments.


  1. Organization of vocational guidance work of the university and the work of the admission committee.
  2. Scientific guidance of the Center for improving the education quality.


  1. Scientific and pedagogical management of the teaching and methodological work of departments, faculties, scientific and methodological council of the university.


  1. Publishing, organization of library service.



  1. Development and coordination of scientific and methodological support of independent work of students.


  1. Planning, organization and control of the activities of correspondence and commercial faculties and postgraduate training units.



  1. Development and implementation of a set of measures to improve the quality of training specialists, training and distance learning technologies.


  1. Control over the implementation of the plan development of the university professorial teaching staff.


  1. Planning and conducting preparation for attestation, accreditation and licensing.



  1. Development of information networks and computerization of university activities, introduction of the automated system of university management.


  1. Preparation of questions for discussion at the meetings of the university’s administration and academic council.
The subordinated divisions:
  • Faculties
  • Departments
  • Centers:
    • correspondence and evening forms of education;
    • business education and advanced training;
    • information and computing;
    • improving the quality of education;
    • modern educational technologies.
  • Administration units:
  • educational and methodical;
  • operative polygraphy;
  • connecting with employers and facilitating the employment of students;
  • marketing and vocational guidance work.


  • Educational and methodological laboratory of distance learning
  • Library



Georgy Ivanovich

Vice rector on scientific

and pedagogical,

educational work

and international relations of ONEU


In 1967 graduated from Odessa machine-tool constructing technical school, in 1971 graduated from planning-economic department of Odessa institute of national economy. After serving in the army, finished postgraduate study at the finance department and defended the thesis. Since 1976 was the assistant, the senior lecturer, the assistant to the dean of the Department of management, head of the chair, and since 1989 – was the vice-rector on economy and the international relations of Odessa National Maritime University (ONMU). Since 2001 till November 2003 was Vice-rector of ONMU – director of Institute of retraining and international cooperation.

Since 1993 – Head of Regional center of the international management institute “Link”  (Russia) and of Open British University (Great Britain) in the city of Odessa.

Since January, 2004 has been the vice-rector of Odessa State Economic University.

Has an award – “High achiever of higher education of Ukraine».

  • The department of international relations
  • Student’s club
  • Editor of the newspaper “Economist”

Prof. Kovalev Anatoly Ivanovich – 

Vice-rector, on scientific work


Born in 1954. Graduated from the Odessa Institute of National Economy in 1975 (since 1993 – University). After graduating from the Institute, he worked as a research fellow at a research laboratory, assistant, senior lecturer, head of the department of economic analysis. In 1983 he defended his Ph.D. thesis. From 1997 to 2000 – Deputy Director for Consulting at the Odessa Regional Center for Business Promotion “INTARM”. Since 2000 – Vice-Rector on Scientific Work of the University. During an annual internship in the Czech Republic (1987-1988). perfected his knowledge in questions of scientific and practical consulting. He took an active part in the scientific substantiation and the establishment of a stock market infrastructure: real estate exchanges and the Porto-Franco Bank. The main scientific direction is connected with improvement of economic analysis of economic activity and diagnostics of investment attractiveness of domestic enterprises, their actualization and post-privatization management.

Is a member of the Coordinating Council of the regional state administration on attracting investment and supporting entrepreneurship. Expert of BIZPRO project on development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Author of scientific and practical works.

  1. Development of the main cours of scientific activity of the University.
  2. Planning, coordination and control of scientific activity of departments.
  3. Implementation of the results of scientific research into the educational process.
  4. Support for scientific schools and creation of appropriate conditions for their development.
  5. Conducting scientific conferences, round tables, seminars. Organization of exhibitions and other forms of popularization of research work of teachers, postgraduates, students, departments, faculties, branch laboratories.
  6. Participation in organization and holding of specialized scientific councils of the university.
  7. Leadership of the research and temporary creative groups.
  8. Organization of training of scientific high qualified professionals, management of postgraduate and doctoral studies.
  9. Interaction with other universities and research institutes of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and other countries on joint scientific activities. Controls the implementation of agreements on creative community with organizations and enterprises, scientific institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries. Organizes work on submitting documents for the promotion of scientific works for prizes.
  10. Organization and planning of the publication of educational aids, scientific works, monographs, collections, etc.
  11. Implementation of the results of foreign trips in the scientific activity of the University.
  12. Organization and control of research work of students and student scientific society. Conducting student’s scientific conferences, competitions, assisting in the participation of students in conferences of other universities, all-Ukrainian and international competitions.
  13. Control over the training of postgraduates and trainees-researchers, conducting certification of research staff.
  14. Selection and placement of personnel in departments and services of direct submission.

Doctorate and postgraduate study


Coordination and research department

Student bureau

Council of Young Scientists