Student self-government

Student life in each of the four ONEU faculties is run by special student organizations, which form students’ self-governance faculty. Student self-government is the opportunity for students to solve the issues of studying, protecting the rights and interests of students, and also participate in the management of a higher education institution.

There is a system of student self-government at the faculties, headed by the head of student self-government (student dekan) and the head of the trade union organization of students of the faculty.

Student dekan is elected by secret ballot of students. Student dekan coordinates the work of all areas of student management.

6 sectors actively operate at the faculties, each of which is responsible for a certain direction of the student life of the faculty:

  • educational sector;
  • science sector;
  • organizational sector;
  • sports sector;
  • cultural sector;
  • PR sector.


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Ähnliches Foto