Faculty of Economics and Enterprise Management

Dekan of faculty
Lalikov Sergey Vladimirovich,
PhD, Professor Associate

The faculty was established in 1965. In1993, due to the necessity of forming a system of market relations in Ukraine, the faculty was transformed into the Faculty of Economics and Interprise Management (FEIM). Over the period since 1965, the faculty trained over 5000 economists.

FEIM is a leading faculty at the University. There are 21 professors at the departments of the faculty. Among them: Corresponding Member National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine M.I. Zveryakov – Rector of the University (Department of General Economic Theory); A.I. Kovalev – Vice-Rector on Scientific Work (Department of Economics and National Economy Management); T.B. Kublikova – Vice-Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work (Department of Management) and others.

The faculty includes following departments: management of organizations and foreign economic (Head – Doctor of Economics, professor I.O. Kuznetsova); economic theory (Head – Doctor of Economics, professor M.O. Uperenko); Economics of the enterprise (Head – Doctor of Economics, professor O.G. Yankovy);

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Economics, Law and Business Management (Head – Doctor of Economics, Professor N. Smentyna); Jurisprudence (Head – professor associate L. D. Romanavadze, PhD); Cybernetics in Economic (Head –  Prof. E. Yakub, Dr.Sc.); Statistics (Head – Professor A.Z. Podgornyi,PhD); Personnel Management and Labor Economics (Head – Doctor of Economics, Professor V.G. Nikiforenko); Exretice of goods and services (Head – Professor Associate T. A. Kundilovskaya, PhD).

More than 70% of the faculty teachers have academic titles.

The faculty is famous for introducing innovations into the educational process. In 2007, a student rating was created that takes into account all types of university activities, which allows students to show themselves as a personality, get some practical and professional skills. The purpose of the rating is to motivate students for learning and social activities, to encourage the best students and groups of the faculty.

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  • General Economic Theory and Economic Policy
  • Management of organizations and foreign economic activity
  • Economics, Law and Business Managemen
  • Economics of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Personnel Management and Labor Economics
  • Expertise of goods and services