Head of
Data Processing Center,

Oleg Domaskin


Data Processing Center (DPC) is the structural department of Odessa National University of Economics, which provides development and functioning of hardware base and informational infrastructure; as well as implementing hardware and software elements for computerization of learning processes and administrative activities of ONEU. Center provides telecommunication and united informational network for ONEU to communicate with external informational space and provides connection between structural departments. In addition, different types of research work in the field of new informational technologies are performed in the DPC.
DPC complies and reports directly to the Rector of ONEU. The Head of DPC is responsible for general and operational administration.


Subdepartmen TM
(acceptance of applications for maintenance of equipment)

Multimedia support subdepartmen
(issues of providing training sessions with multimedia equipment)

Laboratory of students portal (ISOMA) University
(issues of implementation and maintenance of students portal University)

Dispatching of DPC
(2nd building – applications for the auditorium fund DPC)

Structure of the Center

Operation sector

Implementation and maintenance of information subsystems of organizational-managerial and financial-economic
activities (ISOMA)


Maintenance sector

Repair and replacement of computer equipment and components that have failed or are not working properly

installation of new computer equipment.

Technical and software support of the computer network of the university.


Dispatching DPC

Acceptance of applications for the use of the auditorium fund of computer classrooms of the DPC

Distribution and maintenance of the auditorium fund of computer auditoriums.

Laboratory of ISOMA university

Support of the information subsystem of organizational and managerial activity (ISOMA) of the university.


Laboratory of communication technologies

Implementation and maintenance of information subsystems of organizational-managerial and financial-economic

Organization of Internet access via wired and wireless communication channels.

University computer network administration.

Monitoring and troubleshooting of the local network of the university, transmission channels
data, network equipment
and servers.

Preparation and maintenance of documentation on technical protection of information.


Multimedia support subdepartmen

Support and maintenance of projection and multimedia equipment.