Practical training

The introduction of modern teaching methods and technologies is an important task for each educational institution. In the high economic education, it is important to increase the practical training of students and the shaping of their skills in making decisions.

Today, the use of interactive learning technologies is becoming increasingly widespread. It involves dialogue training, an active, purposeful interaction between a teacher and a student.

Among the methods of interactive learning, which are often used in the teaching of economic disciplines in Ukrainian universities, such methods as carousel, mosaic, microphone, brainstorming, aquarium, discussion, seminar-conference should be noted. , business and situational role-playing, analysis of specific situations, work in small groups, guest lecture, the use of video and audio materials, etc.

Training methods are among the most effective teaching methods and are gaining popularity recently. These trainings and business games allow participants to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in making decisions in a short time in an interesting form.

The accounting and audit department of ONEU collaborates with world-renowned centers of accounting science. The department high level of educational programs quality is evidenced by their accreditation by world professional organizations, in particular by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the UK, CIMA (UK) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA (UK).

Students from the specialty 071 “Accounting and Taxation” from 2017 are given a unique opportunity in parallel with the bachelor’s or master’s degree to obtain a prestigious international certificate of CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, which is recognized in any country in the world.

Also, the ONEU Accounting Department actively cooperates with the British Institute of Chartered Accountants (ACCA, Great Britain). The lecturers of the department have ACCA / DipFR certificates program according to International Financial Reporting Standards, and students of September 1, 2016 received the right to credits of 6 academic modules from 14 ACCA disciplines (F1-F6).

The leading experts of the department have international certificates: SAR – 7, ACCA / DipIFR – 2.

The lecturers of Banking business department and students of the Credit-economical faculty take part in an annual  large-scale project – “Day of financial literacy”. The  organizers of the project are  National Bank of Ukraine, USAID project, Guarantee Fund, Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks, VIZA.

Within the framework of the “Day of Finance in the municipality of Odesa”, the students and lecturers had visited  excursions, trainings and lectures.

In 2017, during three days (from September, 20 to September, 22), faculty and students of Credit and Economics Department had the opportunity to master the subtleties of banking skills!

The Economics and Business Planning Department is developing as fast as its students! Conducting trainings, business games, and events is an integral part of the department’s activity. Only in our university students can discover and change the stereotypes of thinking, learn to see and use the possibilities “here and now”, develop the entrepreneur’s consciousness!

Debate is one of the most exciting intellectual game that has been able to attract the attention of millions of people around the world !!!!!

With this unique technology, participants can reveal themselves and become a fully developed person!!!!!!

For this, the Department of Enterprise Economics and Business Organization has assembled a team of excellent trainers, ready to teach, assist, and light new stars in the debatable sky. The team gathers in office 202 on Thursdays.

This is a step to encounter:

  • new acquaintanceship
  • debatable excitement and taste of victories
  • self-confidence
  • leadership qualities
  • comprehensive development
  • a community of people with a sense of humor and sharp mind
  • cheerful mood and unforgettable experiences

The Department of Enterprise Economics and Business Organization created their own Debate Club, which brings together creative and purposeful people.

The main goals of Debate Club:

  • Get rid of the fear of public speaking;
  • Learn to analyze different processes and think critically;
  • Structure and formulate your thoughts correctly;
  • Become an erudite person;
  • Get associates and mentors.

Join the Debate Club of ONEU and perhaps it is in You that lies the oratorical abilities of Socrates!