Jean Monnet Module

2nd Year Seminar Economics of the EU and EU-Ukraine relations 2016/2017 .

The posters

Opening session address of the Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes

From left to right: Representative Jurgis Vilcinskas – Head of Press and Information at EU Delegation in Kiev. Vice Director ONPU Vyacheslav Shobik. Sergey Jakubovsky – Head of Department of World Economy and International Economic Relations.

George Shubartovsky – Vice Rector of ONEU and Jurgis Vilcinskas.

Assistants (standing up) and students.

For the information and program of the seminar please look at our web page of last year. The EU grant was approved for 3 years and the program will remain the same for this period.

1. Enrollment to the Seminar.

Assistant Masha Kacher coordinated the preparation of the seminar and enrollment of the students.

2. Meetings before the beginning of the Seminar.

3. Improving presentation skills.

Olga Kerekesha held the 1st Session before Seminar beginning on improving presentation skills.

Student rehearsing during the Session.

4. How to work One-Drive Platform. Skype Conference (Lisbon-Odessa)

Prof. Dr. Paulo Pinto (Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon) and Dr. Edgar Rocha (Senior Economist, Lisbon) held a Skype Conference with participants of the Seminar.

After presentation of the Assistants, the students had an opportunity to ask questions. It was a very useful and high-qualitative Technical Session (perfect sound and image)

5. Official opening of the Seminar (seen 1.opening session of the seminar)

6. Seminar Sessions (organization)

6.1 Discussion of the EU and World news – Students got the recommendation at the very beginning to watch main world TV-channels giving breaking EU and World news.

6.2 Introduction of the Session by academic Coordinator – in the first hour of the Session, Academic Coordinator discusses with students the top-world news, European (refugees, crisis, youth unemployment…), Ukrainian news (economic and political crisis) and the introduces the subject of the Session.

6.3 According to the program the Students should coordinate their presentations in order to develop team work and their future professional life.

6.4 2 students present the subject of the Session.

6.5 Evaluation of the presentations by the professor – after each presentation Professor gives evaluation, critics and suggestions of improvement of the students’ presentations and opens the floor for discussion.

6.6 Discussion with students – in every session, students were very active asking questions to presenters and discussing the subjects between themselves. The arguments between students were exchanged in a very polite way. Although, differences of opinion prevailed and were accepted.

7. Filling in the questionnaire about satisfaction of students with the Professor teaching and teaching methodology.

Questionaire – Qualitycontrol ERASMUS+

8. Closing Session


Closing Session and distribution of Certificates by the Rector

Closing words of the Vice Rector George Shubartovsky.

Closing words of the Rector Michael Zveryakov.

Closing words of the Academic Coordinator Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes.

Distribution of Certificates by the Rector of ONEU.

Last day session with ONEU staff and students.

Certificate for the successful completion of the Seminar