Jean Monnet Module

3-й рік проведення семінару “Економіка ЄС та відносини ЄС-Україна” 2017/2018.

Відкриття сесії:

Ректор ОНЕУ, професор М. Звіряков

Професор доктор Альваро Фернандес

Проректор ОНЕУ – Георгій Шубартовський

Професор В. Шобік – проректор ОНПУ

Щодо інформації та програми цього семінару, будь ласка, зверніться до координатора Інформаційного центру ЄС. Грант ЄС було надано для реалізації протягом 3 років, програма буде залишатися незмінною протягом цього періоду.

1.Implementation of the Seminar

1.1.Enrollment to the Seminar

1.2.Meetings before the beginning of the Seminar.

1.3.Assistant Irina Shostak and Assistants of participating Universities organized the enrollment of the students at the Seminar

1.4. Improving presentation skills.

Ass. Prof. I. Shostak at delivering lectures  to students about the improvement of presentation skills  

2.How to work with One-Drive Platform. Skype Conference (Lisbon-Odessa).

Portuguese Assistants

Students attending the presentation

After presentation of the Assistants, the students had the opportunity to ask questions.

It was a very useful and high-qualitative technical session (perfect sound and image).

3.Seminar Sessions Organization.

3.1. Discussion of the EU and Word news – Students got the recommendation at the very beginning to watch main word TV-channels giving breaking EU and Word news.

3.2 Introduction of the Session by academic Coordinator – in the first hour of the Session, Academic Coordinator discusses with students the top-word news, European (refugees, crisis, youth unemployment…), Ukrainian news (economic and political crisis) and he introduces the subject of the Session.

3.3. According to the program the Students should coordinate their presentations in order to develop team work and their future professional life.

4. Students present the subject of the Session.

4.1.Student presentation

4.2. Evaluation of the presentations by the professor – after each presentation Professor gives evaluation, critics and suggestions of improvement of the students’ presentations and opens the floor for discussion.

4.3. Discussion with students – in every session students were very active asking questions to presenters and discussing the subjects between themselves. The arguments between students were exchanged in a very polite way. Although, differences of opinion prevailed and were accepted.

5.Filling in the questionnaire about satisfaction of students with the Professor teaching and teaching methodology.

Questionnaire – Quality control ERASMUS+

Closing Session


Ambassador of EU Delegation in Kiev Hugues Mingarelli

Rector   of the ONEU M. Zveryakov

Prof. Dr. Alvaro Fernandes

Student asking a question to the Ambassador

 Student asking a question to the Ambassador

Closing Session with Ambassador, ONEU staff and Students