Educational-qualification level of preparation SPECIALIST, MAGISTER

1. Admittance of foreign citizens for study to ONEU on educational-qualification level of master is carried out on the basis of: the international contracts of Ukraine, state programs, the contracts which were concluded by university with legal and physical persons.

2. According to Regulations on a recognition of foreign educational documents according to the Law of Ukraine ” About ratification of the Convention on a recognition of qualifications from higher education in the European region “, Laws of Ukraine ” About education”, ” About higher education ” at reception for study of foreign citizens which have received education on educational- professionally program of the bachelor or the specialist in foreign states, procedure of nostrificationdocuments on education is obligatory. The recognition of foreign documents on education is carried out by Management of licensing, accreditation and of nostrification of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

3. Foreign citizens who have education on corresponding direction (specialty) of preparation at a level not below, than a level of educational -professional program of the bachelor or the specialist in Ukraine, under results of interview on a specialty and foreign language can be enrolled to the university.

4. For graduates – bachelors of ONEU of the year when you receive will be interviewed on the specialty and foreign language.

5. The foreign citizens directed for study under the international contracts and state programs, are enrolled on the basis of a direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

6. Reception of documents of foreign citizens is spent to terms from 01st July till 10st November..

7. Foreign citizens are enrolled till 15st November, under results of interview and under the concluded contract

8. Foreign citizens personally submit the application in which specify a direction of preparation, a specialty, the form of study, a source of financing.

The foreign students are admitted if the following documents are available :

  • Application form;
  • original invitation letter;
  • copy of all pages of the passport;
  • an original and copy of the diploma about the receiving of educational -qualifying level “Bachelor” with the instruction of the studied subjects received on them of estimations (points) and number of hours from subjects, certified according to the legislation of the country of their issue, legalized by Consulate of Ukraine in the country of residence (seal of the Ministry of Education in your country and seal of the Consulate department of the Ukrainian Embassy in your country or “Apostille”) and nostrified when due hereunder;
  • copy of the certificate on birth, certified by the notary and legalized;
  • the medical certificate on state of health, testified by official body of public health services of the country from which there the foreigner arrived, and given out not earlier than two months prior to entrance for study in Ukraine, with obligatory presence of an X-ray test;
  • the document on absence of a HIV-infection (with date not later than two months prior to the beginning of study);
  • medical insurance certificate (the contract of medical insurance) about rendering emergency medical help (it is made out at the university );
  • 20 photos( size 3 х 4);
  • originals and copies of civil and foreign passports;
  • an open-ended return ticket valid within one year (far abroad ).

The foreign citizens entering 5st year of study, in addition represent documents for procedure of nostrification