It is made on the basis of Order МE and SD № 1541 from 01.11.13
“About the statement of the Order of in taking of foreigners
on studying in Ukraine and the order of issuing
of the invitation for studying in Ukraine for foreigners”

Foreign citizens who want to study at the Odessa National Economic University, should receive the official invitation to study in the International Relations Department , approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Only after the reception of the invitation’s original, foreign citizens receive the a visa to study in Ukraine.

For the registration and reception of the official invitation to study, it is necessary to give the following documents:
  1. Application forms ( English language );
  2. a scan-copy of all pages of the passport for traveling abroad of the invited person;
  3. a scan-copy of the legalized document about the education in the Embassy (Consulate) of Ukraine in your country;
  4. the payment receipt of the remittance of the advance payment into the university‘s account, 25 % from the cost of studying, according to the exposed accounts;
  5. the state duty for the invitation’s registration for the foreign citizen;
  6. Motivation latter;
  7. Consent to personal data collection and processing

The cost of invitation for studying and visa services is not included into the total cost of study and should be additionally paid upon arrival to Ukraine.

The registration of the Invitation Letter is made within 5 working days on receiving all documents.

The form of the invitation on the basis of the given data and documents, is sent to the entrant by the university with the express mail to the address, specified in the invitation and according to the registration in the passport.

The payment for transfer of the invitation is carried out due to the person who was invited, under the tariffs of the express mail.

Admittance of foreign citizens under the invitation to study is carried out from 15.08 till 15.11 of current year.