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ONEU Humor and art performance Club

The proud of ONEU has always been Humor and art performance teams, that are distinguished by their mood, musicality and the taste of jokes. At present, there are 2 main Humor and art performance teams presenting our university at various city and regional competitions.

Amature art activity in ONEU

Every year in Odessa National Economic University there are more and more initiative and creative students who identify and develop their talent within our university, as well as protect the honor of the University at city and regional competitions. It is worth noting that amateur art in our university is developed at a very high level in comparison with other universities in Odessa, which can be persuaded by all those who like to visit our concerts.

There are a lot of different activities in ONEU, among which there are three main ones: “Student’s Autumn”, “Miss ONEU” and “Student’s Spring”. And this is just a small part of everything that’s happening here.

During the year there are such holidays, which we want to note in the circle of loved ones – Student’s Day, New Year, March 8, May 9 and birthdays of faculties. Such days everyone wants to have fun and remember them for a long time.

There is another very enchanting event – “Favorit” the annual awarding ceremony. It’s like the Oscars, when students and teachers watch a concert program, prepared by students, and later receive awards for their achievements. Thus, the best performances are determined, the cups for the title of the best teacher, the professor, the student’s dean and many others are presented. And of course, the best faculty of the year is determined on the basis of all the awards.

You will have bright and memorable student life at our University!