Vydobor Volodymyr Volodymyrovych

Dean of the Faculty,


Want to become a highly skilled economist, to work at prestigious work and to receive decent income?

Then the Faculty of Credit and Economics is the right way to make your dream true!

The Faculty of Credit and Economics is the leading faculty of ONEU. His history begins in 1931 – the year of the foundation of the Odessa credit and economics institute. All these years were truly fruitful, thanks to established long-standing traditions. The faculty prepared high-skilled professionals for the banking system of the USSR, sovereign Ukraine and other countries of the world.

The primary task in preparing professionals is to provide not only with a certain amount of knowledge, but also a place in the socio-economic system of the country – both in scientific and practical activities, based on a combination of educational process with scientific and innovative activities.

New and productive forms of employment are prevailing at the Faculty of Economics: “Vacancies Fair”, internships, industrial and pre-diploma practice of students, employment programs presentation by banking institutions.

8, Preobrazhenska str, office 126

Professional training of bachelors and masters in “Finance, Banking and Insurance” on specialties “International Banking Business” and “Banking” is carried out by highly educated teaching staff with significant scientific, pedagogical and practical experience. Many of them are leading professionals and well-known scholars not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The Faculty of Credit & Economics today is:

– high-quality modern economic education;

– highly skilled teachers and creative students;

– continual practical training;

– interactive learning using innovative educational technologies;

– practical skills in a banking institution;

– possibility of interregional and international communication of students;

– development of individual talents and hobbies in student organizations;

– skills in business communication and formation of corporate culture;

– meetings with well-known politicians, academics, representatives of Ukrainian business;

– self-actualization in social projects;

– employment in profession.