Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges (Magistracy)

Educational programs

  1. The specialty «Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities» is a specialty for those who want to develop, generate and implement their own ideas, develop local markets and the environment. 

    Educational and professional programs:

    1. Economics, planning and business management
    2. Municipal entrepreneurship
    3. Economics and strategy of enterprise development
    4. Examination of goods and services


    The educational and professional program «Economics, Planning and Business Management» covers a wide range of issues related to planning and effective business in various areas and sectors of the economy. The main focus of the program is business development in accordance with the challenges of the global world, market trends and leadership strategy. Aimed at training broad-based professionals who are able to start their own business, scale the business, select projects for investment or realize themselves in management and administrative positions at enterprises, institutions and organizations.


    The educational and professional program «Municipal Entrepreneurship» covers a wide range of issues on planning, operation and scaling of business in various fields and industries in the context of individual municipalities. The main focus of the program is the organization of business activities in accordance with the strategy of development of the municipality with the use of its competitive advantages and grant opportunities. Aimed at training a wide range of professionals who can both start their own business and provide business development and marketing support to businesses in municipal positions in administrative positions in public authorities and local governments, as well as managers in enterprises, institutions and organizations.