Results of the selection for receiving scholarship support by Mittweida University for ONEU students’ scientific research

The results of the selection for receiving scholarship support for scientific research by ONEU students have been summarized! According to the grant received by Mittweida University together with ONEU from the DAAD foundation, seven students were selected to receive a scholarship in the amount of 1200 EU per semester. The selection process consisted of two stages:

Firstly, the 15 best students of the university were selected according to a comprehensive assessment: 80% of which is the success of studies in the last two semesters, 10% is social and scientific activity, and another 10% is social status. These 15 students prepared a scientific essay, which was evaluated by a committee of seven teachers from different departments of ONEU. As a result, 7 best works were selected;

Secondly, the participants of the selection were tested on the level of knowledge of the English language. As a result, scholarship holders will have to write a scientific article and translate it into English during the semester under the guidance of scientific mentors. In these two languages, the articles will be included in the scientific collection of works and will be published in Germany!

Last year, the program provided for the payment of 35 scholarships in the form of 800 EU.

This program will also be in the next academic year, namely the selection of the 7 best students. So we wish everyone the best of luck in demonstrating their educational achievements![/vc_column_text]


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