Students’ life

Sport life

For decades, it has been a good tradition in ONEU to hold an annual sports event between the faculties.

Applicants enrolling in the university are more likely to adjust to the educational activities and public activities of the faculty, and the main goal of the sports sector is to diversify the student’s life by participating in sports and recreational activities. There are many different sports sections in our university and, in addition to basic physical education classes, students have the opportunity to engage in professional sports such as volleyball, basketball, athletics, and more.

Our university has a lot of athlete students who have high achievements in various sports and which improve the results of ONEU in competitions between the universities of Odessa, in Ukrainian and international competitions.

The sports sector closely cooperates with the teachers of the Physical Education Department, helping them organize various sports events and competitions. Each faculty has heads of the sports sector, which coordinate the athletes. It is mandatory to hold a traditional team meeting before the start of the sporting event, so that each student has the opportunity to defend the honor of his faculty. The sports sector gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself and your health and develop the cohesion of students.

The ONEU sports complex is located in the second building located at 18, Gogol Street. There is our main sports hall, which is designed for many types of competitions and physical education classes, a free gym that can be visited by any student. Also, physical education classes take place at the “Krajan” stadium where you can improve your athletic ability.

In the first place the sports sector is created in order to improve student cohesion, improve physical fitness, teamwork and bright time in our university!

International Students’ Works Contest «REKLAMA-FEST»

On 6-8 December, 2017, the 3rd International Students’ Works Festival “Reklama-Fest” was held. Students and schoolchildren from more than 20 cities and towns took a part, 189 works were registered.

Format of the festival:
  • The competition of participants works from universities, colleges and schools of Ukraine in promotional video clips and publishing advertising,
  • Invitation of different companies from all over Ukraine (advertising companies, large manufacturing enterprises, travel companies, banks, big retail chains, fitness clubs, cafes, telecommunication companies, etc.) by organizers to choose candidates for positions: advertisers, PR-communication specialists.

“Miss ONEU”

The art amateur performances at ONEU are really high-leveled comparing with other universities of Odessa. “Miss ONEU” is a great example of students’ activity!