Agreement on cooperation between ONEU and the consortium of 7 European universities U!REKA

A cooperation agreement has been recently signed between ONEU and the consortium of 7 European universities U!REKA (the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Edinburgh Napier University; HOGENT University of Applied Sciences and Arts; Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences; Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki; VSB – Technical University of Ostrava; and Politécnico de Lisboa).

On November 14, 2022, a working meeting of representatives of ONEU and U!REKA took place. ONEU was represented by:

Oleksandr Litvinov – vice-rector for scientific work;

Ruslana Kuzina – head of the UNEU Academic Council Commission on International Cooperation;

Maryna Slatvinska – head of the Department of Finance;

Oksana Volkova – associate Professor of the Department of Finance;

Iryna Tyshchenko – Coordinator of ONEU grant programs.


Representatives of U!REKA:

Khrystyna Marques – coordinator of the Office of International Relations and Academic Mobility of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (Portugal);

Eva Haug is a consultant for the internationalization of studies and collaborative international online learning (COIL) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). (Netherlands);

Maren Pannemann – Research Funding Advisor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) (Netherlands);

Richard Lancaster – Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland);

Gabriela Jacobsen – communications and strategic partnership, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

At the meeting were discussed the issues of implementation of the clauses of the agreement regarding cooperation in scientific research, in the preparation of grant applications, academic mobility of employees and applicants, provision of technical assistance to ONEU.

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