Prep courses

The center organizes the work of training courses for future students to enter the university and provides educational services to students of the ONEU beyond the curriculum.

Preparatory courses of ONEU are successfully operating for more than ten years.

The prep courses not only help students to pass the entrance tests, but also create the foundation for further successful styding at the university.

Our center successfully prepares students for external tests on the following disciplines:

  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • Maths
  • History of Ukraine
  • English
  • Geography

The center organizes foreign language courses, refresher courses for students, who have received an F grade by any discipline, additional classes in subjects, that are difficult for students.

Prep courses

Preobrazhenskaya str, 8, of. к.110

+38 (0482) 723 86 50

+ 38 (050) 333 1634

International relations department

8, Preobrazhenskaya str., room 125,
IRD, Оdessa, 65082 Ukraine

+38 (0482) 32-79-16
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+38 (048) 723-11-81 (fax)